To Help Others Live More Creative and Fulfilled Lives

Nothing brings me more joy than to help others become more creative and fulfilled whether it’s guiding a friend through a long-awaited desire to complete a project (see photos below), running workshops at the J & J Ranch or chairing the Creative Catalyst Program at the San Diego Foundation. Doing my own art and pleasure travel falls under my mission because if I didn’t feel fulfilled myself I wouldn’t be able to help others to be. My next adventure toward performing my mission is to open a gallery at NTC at Liberty Station that will showcase local artists’ work.

My personal mission keeps me focused and helps me decide, when there are so many choices, how to divide my time. When I am invited to get involved in something new I ask myself  – Does it align with my mission? If it doesn’t then I can, without guilt, say no.

My mission came to me over ten years ago when I resigned from a long career as an inner-city teacher for the public schools. That had been my calling and leaving the field felt scary and overwhelming.  I journaled these three questions:

  1. What am I going to do with the rest of my life?
  2. What does God want me to do?
  3. What brings me the most happiness?

It took me awhile but I kept at it. I took exploratory workshops, conversed with others and journaled some more. Finally my thoughts gelled and it came to me clearly. With my mission always in my heart I am able to live a life that is worthwhile and a heck of a lot of fun.


Jennifer in the Zone


Jennifer's Oak Tree

Jennifer’s Oak Tree

For Comment: What is your own mission statement?