Since I was raised in San Diego, minutes from the border, I’ve been going to Mexico my whole life. Every time I do I am astounded at the difference between our two cultures. I just returned from twelve days in Mexico City and Puebla, and this trip, like all the others, inspired me in many ways. I took lots of pictures and here I share a few with you, along with some of the reasons I love Mexico.

7 Reasons I Love Mexico

1. The people are friendly which encourages me to speak Spanish again. It’s such a romantic language.

2. The country is filled with fascinating history and culture.

3. The stunning architecture runs the gamut from ancient pyramids, colonial churches and modern skyscrapers.

4. Colors abound with textiles, Talavera tiles, murals, sculptures and paintings. Seeing Frida’s Blue House with my artist friends was an exciting pilgrimage. Antiquing a dream.

5. Most towns have lively heart centers called zocolos or squares.

6. The food is delicious. My favorite dish on this trip was the mole, not so much the fried grasshoppers though.

7. The music and dance are emotional, dramatic and heartfelt. Lupita entertained us with her wonderful renditions of classical folk songs.

Yes, I love traveling in Mexico but it also helps me appreciate coming home to where I am truly blessed.

Aztec Altar y Mi Esposo

Museo Soumaya


The Amigos at Casa Azul




Ballet Folklorico

Healing Altar

Puebla Zocola


Besame Mucho







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