Writing my second novel has been a wild ride! I’m now on my third draft with plans for publication in Spring 2018 by She Writes Press. I’m sharing with you, my blog subscribers, a quick synopsis of the book here. Let me know what you think. I found this picture on Pinterest where I’ve been doing a lot of my visual research.

Synopsis for “The Silver Shoes”

Thirty-year old San Francisco artist Anne McFarland has been distracted by a cross-country romance with Sergio and has veered from her creative path. While visiting him in New York, she buys a pair of rhinestone shoes in an antique shop, which spark her  imagination and lead her on a quest to learn more about the shoes’ original owner. Almost ninety years earlier Clair Deveraux, a sheltered 1929 New York debutante, tries to reside within the bounds of polite society and please her father. But when she meets Winnie, a Macy’s shop girl, Clair is lured into the steamy side of Manhattan filled with speakeasies, flappers, and the beat of “that devil music” and her true desires explode wide open. Secrets and lies stack up until she loses everything in the stock market crash and she becomes entangled in the burlesque world to save her family and herself. Both Anne and Clair, in different eras, work toward finding fulfillment despite others’ expectations.