Stepping Out in My Silver Shoes!

I’m happy to be working again with the awe-inspiring Brooke Warner and her team at She Writes Press to publish my second novel, The Silver Shoes. Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) have arrived. I’ve given them to a few eagle-eyed friends to search for final typos and copies have been sent to professional reviewers for postings.

You’ve been so swell for subscribing to my blog and for supporting me with The Black Velvet Coat that I’m giving away an ARC copy to a lucky winner! Directions to enter the contest are at the end of this post.

As I move closer to going to print here are some reasons I’m excited about The Silver Shoes:

1. The cover’s ritzy! It’s adorned with a photo of my own silver shoes with a rose-colored curtain behind them just like I had envisioned.

2. With help from my gem of a publicist, Jen Coburn, my marketing plan has been developed and starting to be implemented. I’ll be sharing updates and photos on my Facebook author page, scheduling events and writing related articles for publication.

4. It’s fun to wear my shoes out and about to let the world my next novel is on its way!

Actor and Friend Phil Johnson checks out the shoes.

5. Early ARC readers have started to give the book positive reviews on Goodreads.

6. Even though no bootleggers are allowed, my book launch event on June 21, 7:30 at Warwick’s, La Jolla is going to be a bash. Roaring 20s attire requested!

7. My calendar is filling up fast with invitations to visit bookstores, book clubs, libraries, businesses and organizations.

If you plan to attend the event at Warwick’s please purchase it from them. You can also pre-order The Silver Shoes from your local indie bookstore or on Amazon. It won’t arrive until June though. To win an ARC now throw your hat in the ring by answering the question and commenting below.

If you had silver shoes where would you wear them?