I love to use found objects in my mosaics. The most recent one, You Glow Girl! I created for The Glow Show at San Diego Writers, Ink galleries. Like usual as I chose the pieces I didn’t use my mind but my heart and intuition.

I started with a hubcap, round like the sun, I had picked up from the side of the road. In my studio I sorted through my treasures for the right focal point until I landed on a turquoise-haired doll, an offering from my arts goddaughters, now grown. I encircled the doll with an old conch belt, snipping off the longer pieces. On top I added stars I had made at a clay workshop, blue florist gems to balance out the doll’s hair and orange beads to contrast it. To give reflection I used rectangular mirrors and for positive energy to writers, I glued refrigerator word magnets on top such as: breathe, lovely, happy, honey, alluring, flame, compassion, star, light. From my travels I added bottle caps and Milagros from Mexican mercados. Milagro means miracle and each one symbolizes something different.

When I finish a piece I always stand back and admire what I’ve made. This one is filled with a combination of color, texture and repetition. It was a fun piece to create and provides me with a positive slogan for 2018. You Glow Girl! What’s yours?