Sweet Peas Before

Sweet Peas After

Wherever you are I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe at this tough time. As events got cancelled, it was disorienting to see my calendar empty as grocery store shelves. Perhaps our nation and the world were so out of whack that the universe wanted us to stop our dizzy busyness and contemplate what’s really important. After two months of following stay at home orders I’ve re-balanced, found a new rhythm in life and tried to focus on creativity, gratefulness and meaning.

Here are 10 Things I’m Doing to Fill Time:

1. Walking my neighborhood six feet apart.
2. Picking sweet peas and alstroemeria from my garden and making fresh bouquets.
3. Zooming with family, friends, and colleagues. For example: Pajamas & Pearls Cocktail Hour, Easter Hat Parade, Bingo fundraisers, Book Club meetings, Yoga sessions, San Diego Writers, Ink workshops and more.
4. Buying releases to support author friends whose books have just come out but can’t do speaking engagements and signings.
5. Serving on the San Diego Arts & Culture Challenge Steering Committee to raise emergency funds for local nonprofits and their creative work forces.
6. Writing poetry, poetry, poetry! You can hear me read “Desires” a recent one on YouTube.
7. Posting nature, 1920 flappers and funny photos on my Facebook Author Page to make people smile.
8. Prepping for the October launch of The Green Lace Corset. Now available to Preorder through your favorite independent bookstore and on IndieBound.
9. Binging on Netflix series and chocolate ice cream.
10. Sending love and positive light into the world.

It’s okay not to be okay. And it’s also okay to loll around and do nothing. Or maybe lounge and read a good book! None of us know how long this will last but no matter what continue to take care of yourselves. Hopefully some day the world and your futures will bloom bright and fragrant as the sweet peas in my garden. 

I’ve told you how I’m filling my time. How about you? Please comment below.