Book Cover!

La-di-da, la-di-do! Here it is! Creating this cover was quite a challenge but a joy, nevertheless.

I often use Pinterest to search for inspiration. I typed in 1880 fashions, the era of my next book, scrolled through and fell for a vintage green corset with black lace trim and imagined what trouble a girl could get into wearing it. The corset helped me name the book and compose scenes with both modern-day Anne McFarland and 1885 Sally Sue Sullivan encountering it.

Inspirational Pinterest Photo

When it came time to develop the book design, I just had to have a corset on the cover. Due to copyright guidelines, with no cited photographer, the Pinterest picture wasn’t able to be used. I couldn’t find an authentic corset on sale though.

My actor friend, Phil Johnson referred me to Jordyn Smiley a fashion design instructor who crafts costumes for local San Diego theaters. Based on the Pinterest photo she went to town sketching the design. After selecting fabric, making patterns, and sewing she wowed me! Okay yes, it fits me. And yes, I’ll be wearing it at my launch events even if they’re virtual.

I shipped the corset to the She Write’s Press art director Julie Metz on the East Coast who also designed the magical covers for The Black Velvet Coat and The Silver Shoes. I requested she try to match it with my other books. I wanted the corset hanging on a door with colorful wildflowers. Like creating the other covers she instinctively knew exactly what to do! 

The Black Velvet Coat

I’m pleased to announce The Green Lace Corset (novel not real corset) is now available for preorder in e-book and paperback forms everywhere books are sold. I encourage you to order it through your favorite independent bookstore to support them. Copies will arrive on or before October 13.

Keep your eyes open for my launch event schedule coming soon. No matter where you live you’ll be able to celebrate with me from the comfort of your own home. In the meantime, happy reading!

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