Sketching Brings Me Joy!

Thanks Karen for making this super dance board for my garage.

Almost a year in lockdown now and with a new novel released into the world my workaholic tendencies have escalated. I find myself spending almost all my time marketing the Anne McFarland Series, or researching and drafting my next book. Don’t get me wrong I love my career and all that it entails but it’s not healthy for anyone to focus on work and watch so much Netflix.

I recently updated my annual San Diego Writers, Ink goal setting workshop to include more on intention setting. Intentions are in present time, lived each day and internal whereas goals are in the future, specific and external. Experts have found if you combine the two you will be more successful in reaching your goals and feel more satisfied.

Here’s my 2021 Plan for Success. 
My Word: Balance.
My Intention: I am balanced, healthy and joyful.
Goal: For the next three months I will spend more time doing things that fulfill me.
My Steps are, I will:
1) walk with friends, practice yoga, tap dance and/or garden at least six days a week.
2) sketch 4 days a week.
3) watch no more than three hours of tv a night.

I’ve been writing down schedules and keeping track in my calendar. And so far so good! In three months, I’ll re-evaluate and update accordingly.

I hope you’ve created your own plan for success. Please share your words, intentions and/or goals with me?