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Here I share personal musings on the art of practicing a creative lifestyle. I encourage you to comment and join the conversation about your own experiences finding and following your creative path.

Southwest Tour Full of Adventures

I've never traveled to the Southwest in the fall before. It was quite an adventure to experience so many different types of weather and see trees changing colors. I had fun at my book events and spending time with friends and family too.   AUSTIN, TEXAS - I flew into...

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Pacific Northwest Tour Full of Surprises

  SEATTLE - Even though it was mid-August some of the leaves had already begun to change colors. I stayed at the one hundred year old MarQueen Hotel on Queen Anne Avenue which is apropos since the main character in my novels is named Anne. I always like to stay in...

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A Milky Way Poem

I'm so pleased this poem of mine was published today. When growing up I could see The Milky Way almost every night. Did you know there are some people in the world that have never seen it due to light pollution? No Moon Starlight at midnight, blue black velvet...

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Why I Love To Do Book Events!

Let me count the ways! I get to: 1. Wear my silver shoes and festive outfits. 2. See old friends and make new ones. 3. Spend time with my She Writes Press Sisters and other authors.   4. Sign books in glamorous settings. 5. Answer questions about my writing process....

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Let’s Do A California Rain Dance

This piece was just published in The Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poetry, Summer 2018. I'm sharing this with you not just as a poem, but also as a prayer. Please join me in doing a rain dance. It’s Always Fire Season Now Teasing cloud, eiderdown quilt, rolls in over...

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What a Day & Night!

                This summer solstice was as sparkly as my book cover's silver shoes. Full of surprises it will go on my list as one of the most exciting days ever! It began with a live TV interview on Good Morning San Diego with Lauren Phinney.                 Then I...

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Release of The Silver Shoes Cometh!

Just because I've finished writing The Silver Shoes, it's gone to print and orders are starting to be filled doesn't mean it's over. In fact, the party is just getting starting! Fortunately, I love to share about the inspirations for my characters and settings, and...

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A New Year Poem

Resolutions Written Rains lift leaving silky sky. Sage scent fills air. Manzanita, oaks, pines call to me. Cool stroll, wool hat, hands in barn coat pockets. Deer tracks visible on dark dirt path. Pools puddle in meadow. Magical crows circle above. Positive...

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You Glow Girl! – A Mosaic

I love to use found objects in my mosaics. The most recent one, You Glow Girl! I created for The Glow Show at San Diego Writers, Ink galleries. Like usual as I chose the pieces I didn’t use my mind but my heart and intuition. I started with a hubcap, round like the...

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