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Here I share personal musings on the art of practicing a creative lifestyle. I encourage you to comment and join the conversation about your own experiences finding and following your creative path.

Why I Love Visiting Mexico

Since I was raised in San Diego, minutes from the border, I've been going to Mexico my whole life. Every time I do I am astounded at the difference between our two cultures. I just returned from twelve days in Mexico City and Puebla, and this trip, like all the...

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Why I’m Excited About My Next Novel

Writing my second novel has been a wild ride! I'm now on my third draft with plans for publication in Spring 2018 by She Writes Press. I'm sharing with you, my blog subscribers, a quick synopsis of the book here. Let me know what you think. I found this picture on...

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A Precarious Poem

A poem and pictures to make you smile. A Precarious Night Whistling a warning the winter wind whooshes down Cuyamaca Mountain, fast as a high-speed train. Squirrels and rabbits huddle in their holes. Tree swing rocks n rolls. Manzanita twigs shake their Mexican...

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Why I Like a New Year

I like a new year because it’s a time to reflect on the past and refocus on new goals for the future. Looking back at 2016 the one thing I’m the most happy about is that The Black Velvet Coat became a bestseller! Thank you all for helping make it happen. It has...

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An Icy Poem

Winter is on its way! Here's one of my poems from last year to help get you in the mood. Right before I wrote the poem I took this photo. Enjoy! Icy Morning As the sun rises frost crystals shimmer like holiday twinkle lights. Soon the sky turns brilliant blue, but...

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Gratitude on The Black Velvet Coat’s 1st Anniversary!

I can’t believe The Black Velvet Coat was launched a year ago. It has been one filled with fun, magic and plenty of surprises. Below I've provided a few photos to prove it. I have so many reasons to be grateful and here are ten of them: 1. I had over 35 events...

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The Deer

My poem was just published in The Weekly Avocet , A Nature Journal #195! Deer I saw six this morning as they crossed the meadow under the oaks to browse on fresh grass. Pair of baby bucks practiced sparring, their twig-like antlers, twisted together back & forth like...

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3 Ways My Novel Came To Me

All writers have their own paths to coming up with ideas for their books. Reflecting back on my experiences crafting The Black Velvet Coat I realize there were three separate passageways to receiving inspirations for my novel. Here I describe those ways with just a...

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It’s a Bestseller!

The summer might be hot, but I'm very happy! The Black Velvet Coat is a #1 bestseller and it wouldn't have happened without you! I am so grateful to you for reading my novel, telling friends about it, writing reviews, attending and hosting book events for me, liking...

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Cool Summer Announcement!

I'm pleased to announce that The Black Velvet Coat is on sale now for $0.99 on all digital formats, including Kindle, Apple iBooks and Kobo. If you have friends who live in the UK, Canada, Australia or even India they too can get in on the deal.   If you know someone...

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