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Here I share personal musings on the art of practicing a creative lifestyle. I encourage you to comment and join the conversation about your own experiences finding and following your creative path.

Enormous Novel News!

Dear Friends, I'm excited to share with you all the great things that are happening with my books. The Silver Shoes After toiling over many drafts I have finally turned in the manuscript to my marvelous publisher, She Writes Press. The Silver Shoes launch event will...

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Grandma G. – A Personal Narrative

I wrote this piece in 2012 while taking Judy Reeves Wild Women Wild Voices Workshop. I'm glad to share it with you now. Grandma G. was quite a character. In fact I have a character in my next novel, The Silver Shoes, based on her larger than life personality!   ...

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Why I Love to Garden

One of my earliest spiritual memories is standing in my mother’s rose garden when a butterfly landed on my shoulder. I felt just like another one of her flowers. I don’t think I inherited her green thumb, but I did inherit my love of gardening from her. I love...

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A Memoir Flash Piece

This piece explains why I didn't get my driver's license until I was eighteen and also why I've always driven like a little old lady. I am pleased and proud that this memoir flash was just published in A Year in Ink, Volume 10. Thank you San Diego Writers, Ink. I...

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A Birdhouse Poem

The Birdhouse After a long winter I fill the sweet wooden birdhouse and wait for the oriole to return. I shoo away the squirrel that climbs upon the rusty metal stand. Keep to your acorns, I say. There are plenty. Squawking lapis jay comes next drops bits of seed to...

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Why Book Clubs are the Best!

I’ve sure been on the go since the release of my novel, The Black Velvet Coat, in October 2015. I’ve been a guest speaker in over forty private homes, libraries, event spaces and even country clubs. Fourteen of these talks have been for book clubs which have become my...

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Sunrise Powerlink Poem

I cried when I first saw the Sunrise Powerlink's steel structures begin to scar our beautiful San Diego back country. What better way to assauge grief than to write in my journal? This is the poem that came out of those writings. I'm honored to have it recently ...

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Why I Love Visiting Mexico

Since I was raised in San Diego, minutes from the border, I've been going to Mexico my whole life. Every time I do I am astounded at the difference between our two cultures. I just returned from twelve days in Mexico City and Puebla, and this trip, like all the...

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Why I’m Excited About My Next Novel

Writing my second novel has been a wild ride! I'm now on my third draft with plans for publication in Spring 2018 by She Writes Press. I'm sharing with you, my blog subscribers, a quick synopsis of the book here. Let me know what you think. I found this picture on...

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A Precarious Poem

A poem and pictures to make you smile. A Precarious Night Whistling a warning the winter wind whooshes down Cuyamaca Mountain, fast as a high-speed train. Squirrels and rabbits huddle in their holes. Tree swing rocks n rolls. Manzanita twigs shake their Mexican...

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