It had been a few years since I’d said goodbye to my beloved beagle-basset Lucy and thought it might be time to start researching for a new canine companion. I wanted a well-trained adult dog that needed a good home and didn’t need to be walked a thousand miles a day. Maybe even a mini I could carry in my purse.

After slowly walking the aisles at the Doggie Festival at Liberty Station a tricolored Yorkie mix seemed too cute to be real. A pink bow on her rhinestone collar matched the Hawaiian print harness strapped around her body. When our eyes locked, a calmness set in from the top of my head to my toes.

“May I pet her?” I asked the woman holding the mini.

“Of course.”

“Hello, you,” I cooed as I ran my hand over the silky curls.

The woman said, “I’m Sandi, Mary Jane’s foster mother. She’s seven years old. Before coming to stay with me she’d been at the San Diego Humane Society. Do you want to hold her?”

“Sure, but I’m just researching.” Loaf of French bread-sized, the bundle fit perfectly in my arms. She didn’t squirm at all and cuddled in as if she already loved me.

After a few minutes Sandi asked, “Would you like to walk her?”


She hooked a leash on Mary Jane’s back. I set her on the ground, and she gracefully pranced beside me. A group of children cried “How cute!” and jubilantly swarmed her. Instead of getting out of sorts, she just stood there with a smile. A Golden lumbered over and she let him nuzzle her on the lips.

“Do you want to take her home?” Sandi offered. 

“Is that even possible?”


The idea of being separated from her was excruciating. So much for my researching. Without a doubt in mind, I filled out the paperwork and loaded her up in the car.

When I sent photos to my siblings, they were enthusiastic but teased that Mary Jane was code for marijuana. So, I changed her name to Trixie to fit her spunky friendly personality.

Affectionate, a quick learner, and agile I still can’t believe what a pleasure living with her has been. She comes when called and follows me around the house. She’s learned how to use the dog door, curl up in a dog bed beside my desk while I’m working and not to jump over the coffee table.

Her short legs stay right beside me when out walking and doesn’t need to be dragged along or try to pull my arm off. With her friendly personality she’s become the belle of the neighborhood. Her barks sound like squeaky toys and she only does it to welcome visitors who ring the doorbell. She adores it when I dress her up and take pictures. She runs up her designer Tahari steps to the bed for a good night’s rest.

When I read her full file, I wasn’t surprised to see before coming to San Diego she’d been in a Las Vegas shelter. She’s such a well-trained pixie I’m certain Trixie was a showgirl early in life. I look forward to teaching her new tricks in the future. 

Have you had a special pet too?