My poem has been published in A Year in Ink, Vol. 6.

¡Ay, Caramba!

I never thought much about cowboys
until he pushed into the cantina,
tight fringed chaps the color of Fall buckwheat.

Boots clomping and spurs jangling,
unshaven face like a prickly pear cactus.
But his smile as big and bright as a meadow.

I fling back my mantilla-covered head.
Breast mounds exposed above red corset
like two roses in full bloom.

One hand on my waist,
the other snaps a fan.
Heel on rail-back silla
I show him rough lace on thigh.

How could he strut right past me,
up to the bar and order himself a cold one?





You are invited to hear me along with other writers read our works published in the anthology.

Monday, May 20th  7pm at Inspirations Gallery.