Gray Fox web

Here is a poem inspired by a surprise visitor to the J & J Ranch. We only saw him once, but hope he’ll come again sometime soon.

The Gray Fox

We think we’ve met them
all, those local inhabitants:
squirrels, rabbits, deer,
coyote. Every once in
awhile though something
new reveals itself to us.

From the Audubon Guide
I determine it is a Common
Gray Fox. But with his long
body and bushy tail, there
is nothing common about
him. The book says they
are nocturnal and reside
within naturally creviced
dens deep in the woods;
bone scraps near an entrance.

So what’s he doing sunning
himself on our back porch
in the middle of the morning?

Has he lived here all these
years or become a recent
transplant because he sensed
we’d quietly welcome him?

By the way, he doesn’t seem sly
either, just a cute gentle soul.

Jill G. Hall

Previously published in The Avocet.

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