My friend, Liz, got carried away and bought copies for holiday gifts for all her club members!

I’ve sure been on the go since the release of my novel, The Black Velvet Coat, in October 2015. I’ve been a guest speaker in over forty private homes, libraries, event spaces and even country clubs.

Fourteen of these talks have been for book clubs which have become my favorite type of event and here are the reasons why:

1. It is wonderful to meet readers who have perused my book.

2. I get to talk about my novel, my writing process and inspirations.

3. Members ask such insightful questions.

4. We have intellectual discussions that make me look at my book in different ways.

5. They tell me who their favorite characters and settings are which inspires me to keep working on my next novel.

6. Book clubs always serve delicious desserts!

7. Members write Amazon/Goodreads reviews, comment on my author Facebook page and spread the word about my book to their friends.

It is so much fun to interact with all these fabulous readers and I really enjoy learning from them. My own book club is very special to me. It’s fun to witness other groups that have bonded together for many years like mine has over consistent lively meetings, food and literary discussions. If you’re not in a book club now I highly recommend you join or create one.

Members of Austin Country Club’s Book Club

Cardiff Book Club in their own black velvet coats

Are you in a book club? If so, tell me about it.