Two of My Mother’s Flowers

One of my earliest spiritual memories is standing in my mother’s rose garden when a butterfly landed on my shoulder. I felt just like another one of her flowers. I don’t think I inherited her green thumb, but I did inherit my love of gardening from her.

I love gardening for these reasons.

1. I like to get my hands dirty.
2. I feel as if I’m creating a giant mosaic using all of the elements of art especially form, color and texture.
3. A garden is always changing and never done.
4. Pulling weeds is meditative and gives other plants room to grow.
5. I can lose track of time and space while being in nature.
6. I feel closer to God.
7. It raises my spirits.

After gardening I like to sit back relax and enjoy the beauty. Over time it’s wonderful to watch flowers as they bloom and birds and insects interact with them. It’s fun to find surprises also. It’s great to be able to pick flowers for bouquets or vegetables to put in salads.

Do you like to garden too?




Six Roses from my Garden