The Silver Shoes by Jill G. Hall


Discussion Questions

Download the Discussion Sheet to print it.


  1. The book explores the experiences of two women at defining moments in their lives. Do you identify more with Clair or Anne? Who would you want as your best friend?


  1. How are the decisions that Sylvia and Anne make shaped by the era they live in? How do you think each would do if they switched places in time?


  1. Do you believe the shoes have magical powers? If you had silver shoes where would you wear them?


  1. When Clair meets Winnie she feels as if she had a good feeling about her as if she’d known her for a long time. Have you ever felt this way about someone?


  1. One of the book’s themes is to follow your heart. Do you think this is good advice? Another theme is soul place. Do you believe in the concept? Do you have one?


  1. What are the main events that helped both Anne and Clair gain confidence and grow as characters throughout the story?


  1. How did Anne and Clair’s relationships with the men in their lives evolve as the story progressed?


  1. What advice would you give Clair or Anne at the beginning, middle, and end of the story?


  1. The book uses several cinematic elements. If you were to cast the movie, who do you think should play Anne and Clair? Who would play the supporting roles?


  1. Do you shop at vintage stores? Do you ever wonder about who owned certain items and what their life was like?