I Will Consider My Beagle-Basset Lucy

For her kohl-rimmed eyes
that blinked at me through
the pet shop window.
For like a puppy from
a novel she had droopy
ears, smooth velvety fur.
For if she was smaller, I’d
have carried her in my purse.
For she was a circus dog
and leapt from floor
to hassock, couch,
and back again.
For she posed for photos.
For she climbed into suitcases.

For she seized every new throw
that entered the house.
For she unzipped
briefcases and backpacks,
chewed up pens, Pat’s address
book, Todd’s silver cell phone.
For she snatched hotdogs
and cookies from startled
children at bar-b-ques.
For she proudly brought
me the gopher she’d caught.
For she never came
when called, unless
I shook a biscuit box
then she’d shoot
out of nowhere.
For she burrowed under
the sheets at night
and kept my toes toasty.
For after seventeen years,
on her last legs, I held
her in my arms like a baby
in one of those throws
as we said goodbye.

After Christopher Smart & Mary Oliver

—Jill G. Hall

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Lucy at The Black Velvet Coat launch party. “Oops my tiara is falling off!”


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