Inspirational photo

It’s official! I’ve written a trilogy. Who knew? Fifteen years ago, when I started out on this writing journey I sure didn’t. After teaching for twenty years, I thought I’d write a children’s book or possibly a memoir about my classroom experiences but that’s not what came out at all. Characters appeared in my journal out of nowhere and I just let them lead me where they wanted to go.

Anne a present-day San Francisco artist kept showing up on the page. Like me she searched for found objects to use in her artwork. And like me she’d happen to find vintage clothing she couldn’t resist buying. And like me she imagined who the women could have been who originally owned them.

So now Anne, my editors and I are getting her third novel, The Green Lace Corset, ready for publication next year. Here’s an online photo I used to help guide the two stories. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ve actually had one made for the book cover. (More on that later. And more also about 1885 mid-western Sally Sue who’s kidnapped on a train by a bank robber and taken to Northern Arizona territory’s wild west.) 

My dual timeline historical novels aren’t just about vintage finds but ultimately about strong women searching for their place in the world. That’s not always easy because of how culture defines women at different periods in history. I hope The Green Lace Corset will resonate with readers as much as The Black Velvet Coat and The Silver Shoes.

Have you ever found a piece of vintage clothing and wondered who owned it previously?